Help us give free food to Londoners in need!

We have created a donation page to help provide free food for Londoners who desperately need it, including hospitality staff, who have been made redundant, and those in at risk groups.

The sum we have raised so far translates to roughly 10,000 meals, which will be able to help so many people in need. Essentially, for each £10,000 raised, we can provide around 4,000 extra meals. Each meal kit contains enough food to make 10 separate meals consisting of fresh, handmade pasta, accompanying sauces and extra cheese on top.

100% of the funds raised will be spent on supplies and staff to produce the food and we will be providing regular updates with how many people we have fed.⁠

Thank you so so much for all the support so far! Any donation, however small, will really make a difference in a fellow Londoner’s life.

In order to organise these free food deliveries and to reach people in hardship, we have created an online form to be filled out. If you, yourself, or someone you know, has been hit by the crisis, feel free to click on the button below for some free pasta kits delivered safely to your home.