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Sausage, Fried Egg and Scamorza Breakfast Panino

2 / 25 mins

Whipping up the breakfast sandwich of dreams has never been easier thanks to this indulgent panino recipe! Our Rosemary Focaccia is filled with a fried egg, melted, smoked Scamorza cheese and fennel sausages. Using the best ingredients straight from our online shop, the recipe comes together in just under 25 minutes and makes for a heart breakfast for 2 people.



Cut the sausages lengthwise. Heat up a large pan to medium heat, add the sausages and roast them until thoroughly cooked and browned.

In the meantime, cut the Focaccia lengthwise and warm up in the oven for 3 minutes at 160 degrees or toast them in a toaster for extra crispiness.

Slice the Scamorza into thin slices.

When the sausages are done, reduce heat to low and add a slice of Scamorza to each sausage half and let it melt slowly.

In a separate pan, add two tablespoons of Lina Stores olive oil and fry four eggs until crispy around the edges, ensuring the yolk remains runny.

Assemble the sandwich by topping the bottom of the Focaccia with two – four sausage halves with the melted Scamorza cheese on top. Add the freshly fried egg.

Before topping with the top of the Focaccia, soak the bread in the pan to soak up the extra fat from the sausages for extra flavour. Enjoy.