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Sicilian Cannoli

5 Mini Cannoli

Originally from Sicily these iconic fried pastry shells are filled with sweetened ricotta and decorated with pistachio on one end and chocolate chips on the other. Get the whole family involved by creating your own Cannoli at home as we provide you with everything you need for homemade Cannoli. Best eaten as soon as assembled to keep the crispiness of the shells and the creaminess of the ricotta.


5 mini Cannoli shells

1 sweet Ricotta piping bag

Chopped Pistachios

Chopped Chocolate Chips


Cut a small hole into the thin end of the piping bag and press the top of the bag slightly until you see the ricotta slowly coming out of the opening. Hold one Cannolo in one hand and pipe from the middle of the Cannolo outwards, ensuring it’s properly filled. Turn the Cannolo around and fill the other side from the middle outwards. Press one end of the filled Cannolo into the tub with pistachios and press down slightly. The pistachios will stick to the sweet ricotta. Turn around and repeat with chocolate chips. Serve immediately.


Store in fridge and use within 2 days of delivery.


Contains nuts (pistachio), gluten, dairy, eggs & soy.

Note that the Cannoli shells are cooked in animal fat.
Contains Pork.

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