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Vegan Options at Lina Stores

Whether you're participating in Veganuary or wanting to try something a little different, we offer a variety of vegan dishes across all our restaurants.


Focaccia al Rosmarino e Sale Marino, Olio d’Oliva

While there are various types of Focaccia known throughout Italy, ours is stone-baked with extra virgin olive oil, rosemary and sea salt, and very much inspired by the ancient cooking method of baking it in the fireplace. We serve our Focaccia slices with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil for dipping. It can be enjoyed with antipasti as a starter or to “fare la Scarpetta” with pasta to mop up the last of the sauce on your plate. You can enjoy our Focaccia at any of our restaurants or for local delivery in our online shop.

Carciofi Fritti

Our Sicilian artichokes with stem are fried to perfection and topped with homemade lemon pangrattato. These are a great option for sharing in a group as they come in threes. The vegetarian aioli and salsa verde which usually come with this dish are removed to make it vegan friendly but the dish remains just as delicious. Our Sicilian artichokes with stem have full, slightly elongated flower heads making them extra delicious when fried and striking the perfect balance between sweet and slightly bitter, yet delicate and perfectly crispy.

Insalata Mista

Our signature green salad is made with a mixture of fresh leaves and topped with maldon salt, fresh Tropea onions and our Lina Stores house dressing. It has a light, crisp flavour and can be enjoyed with our range of antipasti, as a side (or contorno in Italian) along with your main dish or at the end of your meal, which is the old, traditional Italian way!


Mafaldine al Grano Saraceno con Salsa di Funghi

Our range of vegan fresh pasta is made using buckwheat and rice flour, which makes for a wonderful egg-free, vegan and gluten-free pasta. There are two different types of buckwheat pasta to choose from: Mafaldine and Tagliolini.

Mafaldine are wide flat pasta ribbons with scalloped or ruffled edges from Naples that retain sauce perfectly because of their shape. A very versatile pasta shape, they work especially well with our rich, homemade vegan mushroom sauce. Tagliolini, on the other hand, are traditional long pasta found in lots of regions, including Liguria, Emilia-Romagna, Molise and Piemonte.

Buckwheat Mafaldine are also available to purchase in our online shop on their own or as a pasta kit to prepare at home in no time.

Tagliolini al Grano Saraceno con Burro al Tartufo Vegano

This is the vegan and gluten-free option of our classic Truffle Tagliolini dish. Tagliolini is a type of pasta found in lots of regions, including Liguria, Emilia-Romagna, Molise and Piemonte. It is similar in shape to Tagliatelle, however Tagliolini is often cylindrical rather than flat. Our gluten-free buckwheat Tagliolini pasta is mixed with vegan truffle butter and topped with grated black truffle for a plant-based, yet incredibly rich, pasta dish.

Mafaldine al Grano Saraceno all’Arrabbiata

Our buckwheat Mafaldine pasta is coated in a Calabrian chilli Arrabbiata sauce and finished with fresh basil. A delicious spicy tomato sauce made using tomatoes, olive oil and red chillis, our classic Arrabbiata sauce is directly inspired by its origins from the Lazio region, particularly from the city of Rome. Literally translating to "angry", the heat in the Arrabbiata sauce may leave some 'red in the face' due to the high-quality red chillies used to give this sauce its unmistakable flavour.



No Italian meal is complete without Dolci. And what better way to finish your meal than with a scoop or two of our refreshing sorbetti, including Chocolate, Pistachio and Lemon. Each of these sorbets are inspired by different regions of Italy which gives them their own distinctive flavour. Whether it's Sorbetto di Limone inspired by the Amalfi coast, creamy Sorbetto di Pistachio using the best Bronte pistachios from Sicily and an indulgent chocolate sorbet with 100% dark chocolate, our range of entirely dairy-free sorbetti bring the best of regional Italy onto our vegan dessert menus in London.