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World Pasta Day

World Pasta Day takes place on the 25th October every year and brings together pasta lovers from all over the world to honour the art of making and cooking pasta. At Lina Stores, we have been making fresh, handmade pasta using traditional methods and high-quality ingredients for nearly 80 years.

Celebrating Fresh Pasta at Lina Stores

Pasta, in its countless shapes and sizes, is the heart and soul of Italian cuisine. Making fresh pasta is an age-old tradition, a craft passed down through generations. Fresh pasta is made from simple ingredients: flour, eggs, and sometimes water, each hand-rolled and shaped into the desired pasta forms. At Lina Stores, we have been honouring this tradition since we first opened in 1944 and continue to do so every day in our restaurants and delicatessens.

So, to celebrate World Pasta Day this year, we will take you on a journey through the different types of pasta and their perfect sauces to match!

Discover the Perfect Pairings of Pasta and Sauces

One of the true joys of pasta lies in its various shapes and textures, each designed to complement specific sauces. Whether it's Pici from Tuscany, Ravioli from Emilia-Romagna, Casarecce from Sicily, Agnolotti from Piedmont, or any other variety, each pasta shape tells a unique story and embodies a piece of Italian heritage. Understanding their pairing is key to creating the perfect pasta dish. Discover a selection of our top recommendations from the fresh pasta available in our online store below. Each of them can be conveniently delivered straight to your doorstep, nationwide.


Casarecce, which literally means homemade, are short twisted tubes of pasta originating from Sicily. Ideal for a variety of dishes because of their shape, they work especially well with our fresh basil pesto, Trapanese pesto made with sun-dried tomatoes or even pistachio pesto.

At our restaurants, we serve Casarecce alla Calabrese. Our chefs toss fresh Casarecce in a spiced tomato sauce made with Calabrian chilli, perfectly balancing the heat with fresh prawns for a satisfying pasta dish.


Pappardelle are a broad ribbon-shaped pasta originating from Emilia-Romagna. Traditionally served with a rich meat ragù or game sauce but also excellent with vegetables. Pair with our Bolognese sauce or our Umbrian Norcina sauce finished with Parmigiano Reggiano.


Originally from the gastronomically rich region of Northern Italy, Ravioli are a beloved pasta variety worldwide. At Lina Stores, we embrace the authentic Italian tradition of filling these small pasta pockets with a selection of fresh, seasonal ingredients. From artichokes, spinach and ricotta, creamy stracciatella or veal, our fillings change with the seasons to ensure peak flavour and quality.

Pair it with our homemade Tomato sauce to allow the creamy, delicate filling to shine through, or for an extra layer of flavour, we highly recommend serving these ravioli tossed in a light sage and butter sauce.

In our restaurants, we offer a modern twist on the traditional Roman dish Fettuccine with Rigaglie di Pollo. Our version features fresh, homemade Chicken Ravioli cooked slowly for hours using the highest-quality meat. Served with a flavorful Agrodolce Sauce and fresh mushrooms, it's a delicious and satisfying choice.


Originating from the Emilia-Romagna and Marche regions of Italy, Tagliatelle has a rich history that dates back to the Middle Ages. The shape, reminiscent of long, flat ribbons, is ideally suited for thick, heavy sauces like our Sausage and Porcini Norcina sauce or traditional Bolognese ragu. It also works well when paired with fresh vegetables like artichokes, adding a Mediterranean twist, or mushrooms and cream for a velvety, delicate treat.

Not only is Tagliatelle a versatile pasta shape, but it's also easy to cook. Simply boil in salted water for 2-3 minutes and then toss with your desired sauce for a hearty and satisfying meal. It works wonders in baked pasta dishes too, or as we say - pasta al forno.

Gluten-Free Buckwheat Mafaldine

This Mafaldine are made from buckwheat and rice flour making it a wonderful gluten-free and egg-free pasta option. Mafaldine are wide flat pasta ribbons with scalloped or ruffled edges from Naples that retain sauce perfectly because of their shape. A very versatile pasta shape, they work especially well with our homemade Mushroom sauce or simply with fish or game.

Feeling inspired? Why not give our delicious recipes a try in the comfort of your own home?