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Festa Della Donna

International Women’s Day or Festa Della Donna is celebrated on the 8th of March every year to recognise and honour the social, historical, cultural, and political achievements of women worldwide. While this day is celebrated globally, Italy has its unique traditions for the occasion with the Mimosa flowers and Mimosa Cake being the two main stars of the celebration.

Mimosa Flowers

The flowers that represent International Women’s Day are Mimosa flowers. A symbol of femininity and womanhood, the yellow flowers are handed out on the day to all women as a gesture of gratitude and appreciation. It is customary for Italian businesses, like shops and hairdressers, to hand out the flowers to female customers. The tradition originated in 1946, when two women’s rights activists Rita Montagnana and Teresa Mattei had the idea to gift them to women of all ages as a symbol of strength and unity. 80 years later, the tradition prevails, and we continue the tradition at Lina Stores, every year. Visit any of our restaurants or delicatessens on 8th March, when we will be gifting Mimosa flowers to all our female guests to thank them for everything they do.

Mimosa Cake

In Italy, no celebration is complete without food and every occasion comes with its very own dish – and it’s no different for Festa della Donna. The Mimosa cake, given its name for the resemblance to the flower, is a yellow sponge cake that is as delicious to look at as it is to eat. Many bakeries will have Mimosa cakes on display on the days leading up to the celebration, and you won't want to miss out on the opportunity to taste one! While there are many different variations of the cake, the classic recipe is made with Italian sponge cake or Pan di Spagna with a custard and whipped cream filling, topped with crumbled sponge resembling the yellow flower bunches. Our recipe layers a traditional Italian sponge cake with our homemade Limoncello Syrup and whipped Lemon Curd cream for the perfect modern interpretation. We will be serving slices of our Mimosa Cake in our Brewer Street, Marylebone and King's Cross delicatessens and as a special in our King's Cross and Marylebone restaurants throughout the whole of March.

Supporting Women for Women International

Once again we have partnered with our friends at Women for Women International whose goal is to raise awareness and funds to support women survivors of war who are rebuilding their lives and families and bringing change to their communities.

This year, their #SheDares global campaign is aimed at gathering support and shining a spotlight on courageous women survivors of war and conflict, who despite the risks, are daring to lead a movement to stand up for themselves, defy social norms and challenge the status quo.

WfWI has many programmes that help women build their skills, knowledge and resources, start their businesses, build support networks, and take on leadership roles in their communities.

For each slice of Mimosa Cake sold, we will be donating £1 towards Women for Women International, who support women survivors of war and conflict. We have also added an optional £1 bill donation at all our restaurants through the whole month of March.

Join us this International Women’s Day in supporting the incredible work of Women for Women International and celebrating all the wonderful women in our lives!

Conversation with Sara Bowcutt, WfWI UK Managing Director

We have interviewed Sara Bowcutt, the UK Managing Director of Women for Women International to delve deeper into the organisation's mission, the impact of its work on communities, the success stories of the women they support, and its plans for the future. Sara also shared her personal experiences and challenges while working with WfWI UK and how the organisation is contributing to a sustainable change for women, their families, and their communities. To read the full interview and learn more about Sara Bowcutt's insights and Women for Women International's impactful work, click the button below.