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Porcini Mushroom Risotto

4 people / 25 - 30 mins

Creamy, rich and indulgent – this Porcini Mushroom Risotto is full of flavour thanks high-quality Arborio rice, beautiful Parmigiano Reggian DOP and a drizzle of Umbrian truffle olive oil for a little decadence. Enough for 4 people with plenty leftover, this recipe comes together in around 25 minutes and uses only the best ingredients straight from Italy.


  • 300g Arborio Rice
  • 50g Dried Porcini Mushroom
  • 75g Parmigiano Reggiano, grated
  • 1.25l Vegetable Stock (two cubes)
  • 1 Shallot, finely chopped
  • 2 tbsp Olive Oil
  • 50g Butter
  • Salt & Black Pepper
  • Truffle Oil, optional


Place the mushrooms in a bowl and soak in hot water for 15 minutes to rehydrate them. Remove the mushrooms from the soaking water, place in a sieve and give a quick rinse under running water to remove any remaining grit. Roughly chop into smaller pieces and set aside. For extra flavour, keep some of the soaked mushroom stock by passing it through a coffee filter or muslin cloth.

Gently simmer 1.25l of hot water in a saucepan, add two vegetable stock cubes and slowly dissolve. Add some of the soaked mushroom stock, if using.

Heat oil and butter (not the truffle butter provided) in a large saucepan on medium heat until melted. Add the chopped onion and cook until soft with no colour, while continuously stirring. Add the rice and mix in with the onion. Leave to fry for 1 - 2 minutes with no colour. To enhance the flavour, add 125ml dry white wine, if available, and let evaporate.

Over medium heat add a ladle of the hot vegetable stock, stirring through the rice until it is absorbed. Continue to add the stock one ladle at a time allowing the liquid to be absorbed before adding the next amount. The rice should be bubbling & wet but not swimming in stock.

After 10 minutes, add the soaked porcini mushrooms. Continue to add the remaining stock and stir until you’ve used it all up. This should take about 17 – 18 minutes in total.

When the rice still has a little bite, take the saucepan off the heat and allow to sit for 30 seconds. Beat the cold truffle butter into the rice with a wooden spoon. Add the grated Grana Padano and mix in thoroughly. Adjust with some freshly ground pepper or salt, if needed. Divide between four plates and top with extra Grana Padano.